From Prompt to Polished

Writer In Motion started out as an idea for writers to draft a short story from a prompt and show their entire revision process by blogging about it as they went.

How does Writer-In-Motion work?

We’ll start by posting a prompt (a picture or a gif) to get your creative juices flowing. All you’ll have to do is take that inspiration and run with it. For a total of five weeks, you’ll draft, revise, digest feedback, and rewrite—all while blogging about your process. Be as nitty gritty as you want. Post your thoughts and pictures. We encourage you to share it all—the good, the bad, the ugly.

For each event, we’ll randomly select 10 lucky writers and showcase their revision progress each week on our blog. Plus, they’ll be matched up with a critique partner and score feedback from an amazing professional editor to boost their final revision.

Not selected? No worries. You can still play along with us!

The Requirements

  • Write a first draft based on a prompt (no word limit)
  • Revise your draft multiple times based on feedback (revision drafts not to exceed 1000 words)
  • Read and provide feedback for other writers’ stories
  • Post each version as you revise and write a little something about your process each week (either on your personal blog or in the Forum)
  • Post your final thoughts in the Week 5 wrap up (optional)
  • Then show your support for other writers by commenting on and sharing their work.
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The Schedule

Fall 2019

Summer 2019