About Me

Hi, I'm Thuy (Vietnamese, pronounced "Twee") and welcome to my little garden on the internet! I've only got a few seeds in the sod so far, but hopefully, there'll be a blooming bed of books one day. Or at least some weeds. Anything green that's growing and not dead is a win!

Married to my high school sweetheart and Momma to 2 wonderfully offbeat girls and a pup, I feel like the luckiest woman.

As is true with most writers, books have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, my best summers were spent devouring books from the local library. There were shelves in there where I've checked out every single book in the entire collection several times (hello Nancy Drew, RL Stine, and Encyclopedia Brown!)

Nowadays, as was in my childhood, my fiction faves fall in the sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, horror, and thriller categories. But I've also been on a big non-fiction kick lately. It started with books and blogs about the craft of writing, engineering, finance, and investment strategies. Then expanded into the wonderful world of self-help—from organization to self-improvement to mindfulness. All spectacular stuff!

Aside from books, I have lots of other interests, most stemming from a love of learning. Traveling tops the list! I love exploring new places and cultures, especially with my family. A nice companion to that is my love for most mediums of art. I can spend days in a museum. Maybe even live in them. Historical portraits in particular fascinate me—seeing artists' interpretations of what real people looked like "back in the day". As for myself, I dabble in pencils and acrylic every now and then, and enjoy cake decorating (mostly fondant monstrosities). Also languages, which are great to learn on the Duolingo app (I'm currently doing Spanish and German).

As a NOLA-bred southern gal, I bleed purple and gold—Geaux Tigers!—and am also an obligatory member of the Saints' Who Dat Nation. While we still visit NOLA often to see our parents and siblings, our family now calls the Arizona desert home. The sunrises/sunsets are quite lovely here, as is the dry, gorgeous weather (8 months out of the year). And barely any mosquitos, so you can actually eat outside without being ravaged. But I do miss the food. Boy, do I miss the food. Nothing beats New Orleans seafood, y'all.

In short, I love life. Every experience—whether good or bad—is an inspiration for story and, in one way or another, leads me back to my source of happiness: gratitude.