The Goal

To create a space where readers can see how a writer moves through the drafting, feedback and editing process to create a polished work.

This will be a week-by-week process where 12 writers will draft a short story, revise, rewrite, digest feedback, and blog about their process as they move from start to finish.

CP Match-Ups

Round #1
K. J. Harrowick & Kathryn Hewitt
Jen Karner & Sean Willson
H.M. Braverman & J.M. Jinks
Melissa Bergum & Ellen
Thuy Nguyen & Paulette Wiles
Kristen Howe & Talynn

Round #2
K. J. Harrowick & Talynn
Kathryn Hewitt & Kristen Howe
Jen Karner & Melissa Bergum
Ellen & Sean Willson
H.M. Braverman & Thuy Nguyen
J.M. Jinks & Paulette Wiles

The Requirements

  • Write 500 words based on prompt.
  • Revise multiple times based on feedback from other writers and editor. Your word count may change, but please do not exceed 1000 words.
  • Read and provide feedback for other writers’ pieces.
  • Willing to post each version as you revise and write a little something about your process for each revision.
  • Post on your blog and/or social media.

The Plan

For each week, you may add your thoughts, pictures, or whatever else you like to the blog post as well. Make sure to share to your social media and use #WriterInMotion. RT others if you can.

The Schedule